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Bakery Items/Specialty Products

Bakery Items

tasty ciabatta breads

We carry a wide range of hearth-style breads, from Italian to brioche, ciabatta bread, rye, wheat, burger buns and rolls to serve the needs of all forms of customers; wholesale, retail, restaurant and hotel clientele.

Our recipes and methods of bread making are geared to homemade-type bread based on many of the same handwritten formulas used by generations past. Today, we manufacture with high-speed mixers, bake in firebrick tunnel ovens and cool in a spiral cooling system that leads into an automated packing system. This combination of hands-on baking and technology results in a homemade-style product where each loaf or bun has its own unique characteristics.

Listed below are descriptions of some of our most popular bread items. Remember, Fazio's is always adding and updating our products. Check back soon to find out what is hot at Fazio's!

Bread Descriptions

30” hearth-baked French bread. Ideal for sandwiches.

Baguette 24”
Baguettes are available in several varieties, with or without sesame seeds.

Italian Bread
Traditional Italian-style bread, hard crust, with or without seeds.

Large Oval
2-lb. loaf ideal for specialty sandwiches that offer generous portions and available in many varieties, including wheat, white, rye swirl and more.

Small Oval
1-lb. loaf, a more traditional-sized bread. Available in many varieties.

Split Cap Bun
Small and large sizes available, in egg or white dough. Split caps can be ordered plain or topped with corn meal, sesame seeds, or onion. 

Burger Buns
Available in small and large sizes in a variety of flavors including egg, plain, topped and wheat dough.

Hot Dog
Egg-dough buns in small and large sizes.

Perfect for any deli sandwich. Available in small, medium, large and extra large.

Our smallest buns available in wheat, rye, pumpernickel, egg and white.

A perfect bun for a light sandwich, banquets, weddings, ect.

Vienna Buns
Vienna Buns are oblong-shaped buns to add a touch of uniqueness to a roll. 

We offer larger-sandwich size Croissants or small breakfast-size Croissants.

Party Footers
Party Footers in 2-ft., 3-ft., and 4-ft. sizes.

New Orleans-style round bun covered in sesame seeds.

Available in a variety of sizes suitable for dips or caved out and filled with soup, chili, etc.

Banquet Rolls
30-count pull-apart buns, made from egg dough.

Egg and Onion Cluster
An egg and onion dough served as a square loaf and pulled apart. Four buns per loaf.

Specialty Products

All of Fazio's specialty foods are made from the finest, freshest ingredients possible in our USDA-certified plant. Fazio's insists on quality! Many products are still made from hand to produce that traditional pasta product that people remember their grandmother making from scratch!

All products are available in retail or wholesale packaging!

tasty cannelloni services
Our pre-cooked pasta dough of enriched flour surrounds the perfect combination of beef, veal and pork. Then we blend in our finest spices creating the cannelloni. Our recipe is a combination of Italian styles creating a delicious, homemade flavor with restaurant-style quality. Taste the difference.
delicious cheese manicotti
Our pre-cooked pasta dough of enriched flour surrounds the perfect combination of gourmet Italian cheeses including ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella cheese. Then we blend in our traditional spices, creating an outstanding pasta and cheese combination.
tasty meatballs services
Our meatballs are made with tender juicy beef, blended with flavorful Italian spices to create the fine taste of Fazio’s delicious meatballs.


Meat Sauce
meat sauce services
Sweet Sicilian Sauce
sweet sicilian sauce

All of the following types of ravioli come in boiled, breaded or oven-ready toasted ravioli.
tasty meat raviolis
Meat Ravioli
Our ravioli is made from the finest wheat flour and filled with the perfect blend of beef and pork, mixed with vegetables, parmesan cheese, eggs and spices. Try it in the different varieties of boiled, breaded or oven-ready toasted ravioli.
tasty cheese raviolis
Cheese Ravioli
Fazio four-cheese ravioli meets the high standard of quality consumers expect from Fazio’s ravioli products. The blend of ricotta, parmesan, fontina and mozzarella cheeses, spices and Italian style bread crumbs create a spicy, zesty, flavorful oven-ready four cheese ravioli.
delicious chicken ravioli
Chicken Ravioli
Fazio's spicy chicken ravioli meets the high standard of quality consumers expect from Fazio’s ravioli products.The blend of chicken, spices, porcini mushrooms and Italian-style breading creates a spicy, zesty, flavorful ravioli. Try our toasted chicken ravioli …”You’re gonna love it.”
Seafood Ravioli

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